cashmere baby balaclava

Our Story

With my engineering degree in hand, I started my professional life in a large multinational cosmetics company. I could have made a career there. After 10 years, we moved to London to live our first expatriate experience and at this time I decided to leave corporate life for motherhood What a joy! However, having always worked, I needed to find an activity that interested me, and which was. compatible with my new life as a mother.

My original idea came from an observation: it had become increasingly difficult to find warm,quality clothes to dress our ‘Little Darlings’. Synthetics had replaced natural and noble materials, such as wool for cost reasons. Perhaps I had been influenced by my family who had created woolen textile factories in the north of France. Accustomed to the pretty knitted clothes made by our grandmothers, my brand of clothing was waiting to be born.

Why Cashmere? Because in addition to the warmth of the wool, it provides a softness comparable to that of a baby's skin.

By chance, I met a former colleague and friend, originally from China, bordering with Inner Mongolia, with who I shared my thoughts. I had found the perfect sourcing partner and Les Tricots de Margot was born!

Our brand offers a range of classic, timeless and comfortable clothing for babies and toddlers between 0 to 3 years who will appreciate the clothes for their softness. Subtle and pretty textured details give them a touch of originality. The knitting has an elegant finish and the emblematic Marie-France balaclava will protect your baby from the cold.

All our clothes designed in France are 100% cashmere and made in a small intimate workshop in the province of Hebei Inner Mongolia. At Les Tricots de Margot, impact on the environment and the well-being of those who work for our brand is knitted into everything we do. In the manufacturing process of our clothes, manual work is important. This saves material and reduces the use of water and chemicals. The staff working in the workshop are locals, they receive an above average salary, which allows them to live decently.

Knittedly Yours

Pascaline Kraus, Entrepreneur and co-Founder