If you have placed an order and want to track your parcel, please do as follow:

1) Find your tracking number, which is given to you in your shipping confirmation email.  

2) Copy this tracking number and paste it in the space provided on La poste website:



              If you do not have your tracking number, find it in your order details as follows:

      1)     click on "Orders" on the web site footer under "Your Account" (you need to be signed in).

      2)     click on “Details” of the order number you wish to track. You will find your tracking number at the bottom of the order page.

Copy the tracking number and click on it. You will be redirected to La Poste 

 website where you will be able to paste your number in the space provided .

If you still need help.

Contact our Customer Support using this link: https://cashmere-attitude.com/contact-us

Or call us on this number: +44 20 8638 6405